Hamad Hospital in Gaza receives a Qatari delegation


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Hamad Hospital for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics in Gaza, funded by Qatar Fund for Development, has received a Qatari medical delegation from Hamad Medical Corporation on Saturday to launch the second phase of the myoelectric upper limb prosthetics fitting workshop, as 40 amputees from Gaza will benefit from the project, Also, 50 children with hearing disability will undergo cochlear implants surgeries with a generous donation from the Qatari Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

The Qatari medical delegation includes the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Hamad Hospital, Dr. Khaled Abd El Hadi, Head of the Cochlear Implant Program at Hamad Medical Corporation, Dr. Abd Al Salam Al-Qahtani, and Dr. Amer Hawafzah, Head of the Prosthetics Department at Hamad Medical Corporation.

Sultan bin Ahmed Al-Asiri, Deputy Director General at Qatar Fund for Development, emphasized the priority that the Fund gives to ensure the continuity of essential health services for amputees and people with disabilities  to allow them a better life, as support continues for a large number of projects and humanitarian interventions which achieves the vision of the State of Qatar in alleviating the suffering of people around the world, in addition to its firm and supportive stance for the Palestinian people and their rights.

Mr. Sultan added that the hospital, which started its operation three years ago, has provided qualitative services that thousands of patients and people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip had always lacked.

Mr. Sultan praised the hospital staff and their efforts in giving hope to patients and people with disabilities and amputees and helping them to become active agents in their communities.

Last March, Hamad Hospital in Gaza, funded by Qatar Fund for Development, launched the first phase of the myoelectric upper limb fitting workshop, during which 21 were fitted with smart limbs, and since 2017, the Qatari medical delegation has succeeded in performing 247 cochlear implants surgeries.

For his part, Dr. Khaled Abd El Hadi, Managing Director, said, "The visit brings new hope to our people in Gaza, as it’s based on three axes. Which includes performing cochlear implant surgeries for 50 children with hearing disabilities, and launching the second phase of fitting 40 amputees with advanced myoelectric upper limbs for Gazan youth, women and children.

Dr. Abd Al Hadi mentioned that the second phase of the smart limb fitting workshop includes more complex amputations such as double limb amputations. in addition to higher functional capabilities during which the beneficiaries will be able to activate the wrist rotation technique, which will help them to carry out their daily life activities.

He added “To ensure optimal use of the new limb, the patient will receive a post-fitting training in which they will learn how to use the high-tech limbs”.

Dr. Abd Al Hadi said “the third axis focus on developing the staff, in order to achieve the administration vision of keeping pace with the process of education, development and scientific research in the hospital, as the Prosthetics Department staff will be trained on new techniques that qualifies them to provide the service in accordance with international quality standards.

Dr. Khaled thanked the Qatari Ministry of Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and Qatar Fund for Development for their continuous support for Hamad Hospital, and the Qatari Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs for their continuous support to conduct cochlear implants for Gaza children.

For his side, the General Director of Hamad hospital, Mr. Nour El Din Salah hailed the Qatari constant support for the Palestinians in Gaza, stressing that the continuous visits of Qatari medical delegations to the Gaza Strip contribute significantly to reduce disability and saving many patients who have been stranded due to the economic conditions and help them overcome the disability and disease.

Since April 2019, Hamad Hospital has provided its services to more than 15,000 patients through its three departments, the Prosthetics Department, the Audiology and Balance Department, and the Medical Rehabilitation Department.

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